Earring Guide

Earrings Guide

From delicate diamond studs to large, dramatic hoops, earrings add symmetry and grace to any wearer, enhancing any ensemble from casual chic to black-tie formal. We offer a wide selection of diamond earrings in many different styles. Each style offers a variety of shapes, metals, and mountings; so, to help guide you in your shopping experience, we gathered some information on the most popular styles.


Diamond Stud Earrings

Beautifully cut diamonds add a sparkle to the earlobe when placed in a stud setting. Simple prongs secure the diamond in place, allowing everyone in the room to appreciate the fire and beauty of the stone without incorporating additional gemstones or metal to detract from the delicate beauty of the diamond. The versatile nature of the stud earring makes these diamonds easy to wear with everything from jeans to a wedding dress. To achieve maximum sparkle and fire, Arao Jewelry recommends choosing diamonds graded at least I-J in color and SI2 in clarity for your earrings.


Demand for Certified Diamond Stud Earrings has increased in recent years. To ensure a sound jewelry investment, you can hand-pick two, matching, loose diamonds that have been certified by a trusted gemological laboratory. Customize your own unique earrings by having your stones set in the stud setting that really catches your eye.



This backing style has a grooved end on the earring's post--the part that passes through the ear--that screws into a secure back to hold the jewelry in place. Screw backings are more commonly seen in premium gold and platinum earrings, to ensure valuable jewelry doesn’t slip from the ear.



Push backs are the most common earring backing. Comprised of a straight post that is inserted into a small metal piece behind the ear, these backs not only hold the earring in place, but many are interchangeable. This makes them very easy to replace in case you lose one. Push backs are sometimes called "butterflies" due to the distinctive shape of the metal backing piece.


Metal Studs or Knots

Metal studs are more casual than diamond or gem studs but are easier to maintain and relatively inexpensive. Available in a variety of metals, the simple metal studs consist of a metal ball attached to a post, while the traditional knot features a flat or daintily braided piece of metal carefully crafted into a square knot.


Arao Jewelry Custom made double notch Push-backs

Arao’s Push-backs are made after a careful observation and years of study. These Push-backs come with double notch post for extra safety. They are known for their distinctive shape. Engraved AR symbolizes true luxury and they are made in solid 14 karat gold.